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Nagaraju gains confidence!

Nagaraju -1
Nagaraju is in the fourth grade in school. Both his parents are farmers and have never been to school. They wholeheartedly support Nagaraju in his education so that he can have opportunities that they could not have due to a lack of education.

When the Pratham learning camp commenced in his town, Nagaraju could not read letters. He was very shy and used to stay quiet for most of the duration of the class. He would not mingle with other children or participate in class activities. Pratham staff realized that one of the reasons for his lack of participation and keeping to himself was that he was struggling with identifying alphabets. With the help of Pratham’s learning tool, the staff played a game of identifying alphabets with him. Nagaraju was enthusiastic and enjoyed learning through the game. This gave him a renewed sense of confidence. Soon, he was slowly able to start recognizing letters.

Throughout the camp, he would regularly complete his homework and if needed would reach out to his friends for assistance too. By the end of the 10-day camp, Nagaraju was able to identify letters without any help.

Thank you for supporting Pratham and giving children like Nagaraju an opportunity for a better future!

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